role of women

September 11, 2008 at 6:46 pm (Blogroll) (, , , , , , , )

saw two films couple of days back; hardcore bollywood in a brand new packaging; yes bollywood is becoming brand concious now; so the two  films; first was “bachna aye hasino”; second was “rock on”; now whats common between the two films; any guesses!!!

formula to dump women; in bachna bipasha was dumped by ranbir kapoor the day were supposed to get married and why becoz he develops cold feet; in rock on some girl, dunno her name playing farhan akhtar’s girlfriend is left alone or dumped when he decides to leave after fight breaks out in his band…

now lets look at both the women; what do they do years later; bipasha forgives the man who dumped her at the marriage altar without giving any reasons; and the rock on girl also forgives and claims that she moved on and is happy for the hero…

who are these guys; they are the new age sensitive, yet aggresive, artistic men…

who are these women; they are modern and educated, yet what they do in the end they forgive those fucking men; but wait why should those women be criticised, they will do what the scripts tells them; and all the scripts are unfortuneately written by men who dont want to see their women characters do anything else but forgive these men…

what would have happened; had bipasha chopped off ranbir’s balls for what he did and the rock on girl should have given farhan akhtar one tight slap…

men need some chopping and slapping to grow and evolve…



  1. astralwicks said,

    some love too 🙂

  2. dogstail said,

    @ Astral

  3. myexpression said,

    ya ya love has been there and perhaps will be there… but evolve guys…

  4. astralwicks said,

    otherwise Lady Vengeance will come and curse us with whatever is potent and available!

  5. astralwicks said,

    when you you restart?

  6. oormila said,

    Ha ha ha! Good one, Vatsala!

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