my birthday… 04th july

July 6, 2008 at 3:29 pm (Blogroll) ()

its 4th of july 2008… its my birthday today… the feeling of aging has not started sinking as yet; or maybe it has…

its a rainy day; the  day was tough; long and tiring; could not sleep much through out the night; had strange surreal dreams…

at work; my colleagues  wished me  ‘happy birthday’; before that my parents were the second ones to call; the person who called first was with me in school; we studied together in standard 8 while our fathers served indian army; we moved away as our fathers got posted to different cities; never lost touch; but grew up to be totally different people; now i’m almost scared of talking to her; i wish i could heal her…

birthdays have always been a bit of pain for me; there is a color that has become permanent part of my birthdays; now i make sure that it is there;magenta ; indian pink…

on my 4th birthday; mom made me a dress of this color; it had lot of frills and i loved it; it in my memory is still the most beautiful dress i ever had; she always made me big cakes with pink icing; the last cake she made was in 2001 and it had  a magenta rose…

few things like the color have been constant on my birthdays; actually my birthdays have been very eventful i’d always be sad for some reason; either of my parents used to get pissed off and hit me only on my birthday; my brother has always acted as the pacifying factor on my birthdays; he has been the adviser; the shoulder to cry on; two years ago it was my birthday when he opened the doors of his house for me; when i had no place to go…

this year has been the best birthday i even had and i hope that this is the beginning of best birthday series; all my beautiful friends  had their  my  best birthday too 🙂

i want all of them with me all the time; those who are in delhi were missed; hope they keep their promise of making it next year; my friends promised to be with me and him, our children for times to come; its the best gift i’ve ever got; all the love and so much of love; i’m happy… thanx guys; u people are my life and i love u chotu



  1. astralwicks said,

    many more in the offing…a promise.

  2. gudus said,

    ok, so what did you do!? tell all

  3. beylee said,

    4th of july was great.. super party; very good cake.. free too.. by this time next year, we hope to make this year’s your 2nd best birthday.. god bless america

  4. dogstail said,

    Good Happy to know that you are Happy. BTW who is this Chotu 🙂 ?

  5. astralwicks said,

    ya who is this chotu?

  6. myexpression said,

    chotu is chotu… chotu loves me and i love chotu… of course i’m blushing… snoopy people..

  7. astralwicks said,

    ummm i envy chotu and you 🙂

  8. gudus said,

    छोटू चेतन

  9. meow said,

    purrr… chotu… it seems chotu is a fictitious character… figment of the writer’s imagination…
    by the way the writer should do some proof checking… it was painful reading the post… huh…

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