morning sleep

June 26, 2008 at 11:46 am (Blogroll) (, , )

i’m writing after a really long time; where have i been; actually nothing much; new job and the anxiety around it ate most my time…

how is the new workplace?????

the machine at my workplace does not have photoshop so i cant play with colors when i’m free and the worst is that that facebook is blocked… there are other not so appealing factors; like the train travel; getting squashed between bodies; standing on tip of my toes at times; i almost know now that i can learn ballet…  

but i miss him a lot… i had grown habitual of having him around all the time… first few days without him; i was like fish out of water… hated everything around… cried one day when i could not get a cab…  the mornings being the most painful; leaving him behind; sleeping; i can see a film of fragrance holding him lightly…



  1. astralwicks said,

    think and you are there

  2. myexpression said,

    🙂 this message is for u chotu… i ‘m missing u…

  3. gudus said,

    i like your words

  4. gudus said,

    happy birthday

  5. myexpression said,

    thanx gudus… missed you

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