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  1. astralwicks said,

    finally finally
    its is the grand unveiling!!
    stars buzz around
    and clouds whisper peace
    as you snuggle like a cat
    its a mystery
    how can you sleep vertically!!!

  2. myexpression said,

    cats can sleep vertically

  3. dogstail said,

    Yeh to purani photu hai….

  4. chaubeys said,

    aap sote hue kaafi hot lagti hain!

  5. myexpression said,

    this is really sad no one is looking at the post as a work of art… i’m depressed… why do we only react to words, not visuals, no wonder we make such bad films. and pls feels free to criticize, rip apart, abuse and condemn. at least lets have an organic fight.

    anyway thanx astral for the poetry and chaubey for the compliment… dogstail wow what a bad memory…

  6. anna said,

    the queen of night
    deep in sleep
    her dreams
    with stars
    in her skies she weaves

    i wonder
    as she lay
    is she perhaps more awake
    deep in sleep

  7. myexpression said,

    anna that was really beautiful… loved it… would love to design for ur poems… start posting them…

  8. chaubey said,

    oho my expression
    now now.. don’t get angry.. i shall provide you with my pov from now on, i promise you that.. only i’m no critic and largely unaware of the finer points of art so will react emotionally.. this is a dreamy little piece.. and ‘your expression’ is perfectly human.. we never smile or laugh when there’s real bliss.. this is the way we look.

  9. myexpression said,

    chaubey you are right; all of us react emotionally. we dont need to be art critics and say that oh this post modernism or some shit like that. for an artiste of any kind i guess it works when the audience is able to feel something or discover something by seeing a piece of art. and i’m not talking of pure titillation only though i think there is nothing wrong in that also. and i was angry on dogstail more than anyone else; you can’t see some thing and say oh yeh to purani photo hai.
    i think we all strive to get that moment when we can through our art become mona lisa and make our audience feel that yes i’m looking at you, into your soul and its just you and me, nothing else.

  10. chaubey said,

    ‘oh this post modernism or some shit like that.’ he he he..

    true.. all art, infact even all criticism is emotional.. but that’s the bane of all artists (or all people with artistic pretensions).. you cannot create without emotions.. but then you shouldn’t be emotional about criticism.. what the f #@$..

  11. myexpression said,

    (or all people with artistic pretensions)..


    of course you can not create without emotions and criticism is also emotional … there is no denying that but for me as an artist or as a person with artistic pretensions criticism is critical otherwise i’ll live in seclusion…

  12. dogstail said,

    Theek hai zyada purani nahin hai… As far as art is concerned, some of the peices here are good but this is certainly not one of the best. Yes the photo when it was taken was really good… 🙂

  13. gudus said,


  14. myexpression said,


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