sea horse

February 27, 2008 at 9:43 am (blue, green, online art, red, sea horse)




  1. Nobody said,

    I have 3 words for you….


  2. astralwicks said,

    smile beauty
    or do you have migraine too
    you shine in shadow
    will you tell me how?

  3. rskew said,

    lol…nice comments…love on the web…

    now i dont know how much you are interested in getting another advice from my…lol

    so i shall restrain from offering it…

    hope your pain is relieved soon and u are able to look at the screen once again!

    is that all you desire for???

    very big portion of modest dal khichdi u have had or what?

    hey i miss that dal kchidhi and the fried fish we had so many times…lets do it sometime again…


    till later,


  4. dogstail said,

    Kitna sundar Ghoda Hai. Iska koi dost hai kya ? Main Iska dost banu ?

  5. myexpression said,

    yup! dogstail, even sea horse is waiting for a friend to come 🙂

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