thin is beautiful

February 18, 2008 at 12:52 pm (anorexia, beautiful, karan johar, madhur bhandarkar, obese, priyanka chopra, thin)

off late i’ve been reading these bits in almost all the colored supplements ; talking about how Priyanka Chopra is under fire for not losing enough weight for madhur bhandarkar’s film fashion and some other karan johar produced film…  one of the articles went on to say that she has broad frame and will look beautiful if she becomes thinner… i’m just wondering where are we heading towards… as far as i remember priyanka she does not look obese… she looks good… and why can’t a woman who does not look malnourished and is  not a bag of skin and bones wear a bikini (the article said that priyanka can’t wear one be’coz she is fat)… i want to laugh on that… why can’t we project good health over  an anorexic thin body… i’m just wondering…



  1. astralwicks said,

    SSS. which means ‘some stupid standard’. perfection. that somebody else defines. standards we all have some stupid standards and stupid works, is popular, is fashionable. knowledge. experience. fetish. perversity. beauty. some stupid standard.

  2. dogstail said,

    Priyanka in Bikini…..hmmmmmm…But who and why would anyone take coloured supplements seriosly. they are good enough to be read in a crowded train.

  3. dreamhatcher said,

    I agree……..

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