February 13, 2008 at 6:55 am (dream, end, india, insomnia, online art, sleep)

the dream is over…

sleep is discarded…

this is the end…insomnia.jpg



  1. gudus said,

    ya happens

  2. unnikuttan said,

    i also have problems to sleep. try with some hot milk with honey.

  3. myexpression said,

    thanx unnikuttan… will follow your advice

  4. astralwicks said,

    ooh ah wonderful

  5. astralwicks said,

    the painting that is

  6. dreamhatcher said,

    Dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams…………………..
    Are you really awake?

  7. gudus said,


  8. dogstail said,

    Sote rehna hi acchha hai.

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