January 28, 2008 at 9:07 am (online art)

explosion in my heart…

shreds of my soul…

venom on the walls…

if i could relive…

if i could be born again…ishq.jpg

if i could delete…




  1. astralwicks said,

    drawn during a flashback
    propelling into the future
    what’s the truth
    in the circle and squares
    go figure

  2. dreamhatcher said,


    to a space

    where you can be born again

    but dont lose your way back..

  3. dogstail said,

    those sherds have made you YOU,

    those unwanted ommas and spaces have shaped YOU,

    this venom has lead you to search for elixir,

    then why…………………………………….???????????

  4. rskew said,

    lady with the pain,

    seems like u are having a hard time forgetting the past and in the process u are neglecting the present and therefore jeopardizing the future…

    there aint no thing in this three fold world that is free of fault or suffering…

    no one has lived without tears and venom on the walls

    no one has gained more than the one who has suffered…it has made a human out of a doll…

    now the human has to turn many more dolls to life…

    its yr nobel mission and purpose in life…and this is not extinguishable…let the flame burn and illuminate the dark recesses of all those dolls waiting to breathe…

    and then call me to the doll house…lol


    till later,


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