Madhuri comes back

December 6, 2007 at 2:23 pm (actress, bollywood, india, madhuri dixit)

saw aaja nach le…

it was not a very good film… actually below average… but my post is not about the film… its about madhuri… the woman who danced into our hearts decades ago…

its about a woman who at 42 is ready to make a come back which not many actresses will do in an indian scenario…

she makes a come back and what she gets: whole bunch of audience and media trying to count her wrinkles, if they see one then they say oh! she is looking old yar, not the earlier charm, if they don’t see a wrinkle then “she must have gone for a surgery”

by the way i have never seen anyone discuss how old is salmaan khan, SRK, Sanjay Dutt or Amir Khan is… even if it is discussed it is done in a positive manner that look at this man, he is giving youngsters a run for their money… he is class apart blah blah…

and here is this woman, a superb dancer, no doubts about that, she can put all these Kareenas, Aishwaryas and Ranis to shame… what is she getting… have our sensibilities become that skin deep… if thats the case then every aging woman should kill her husband or boyfriend before they start counting lines on their forehead…

and i guess its a global phenomenon, where no one is happy with what they are some want big boobs, some will die for white skin…

i wish we were like animals spotted and furry… would have solved lot of problems… at least there would have be no pressure to look in a certain way… or who knows we would have devised ways to make a certain kind of fashionable spots…


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  1. astralwicks said,

    one more thing. if the film was a hit then they would have said this – ‘inspite of her age, she has proved her worth, a worthy ideal for the emerging indian woman.’ its a flop so ‘age has caught up with the yesteryear star, married actresses are not in favour and youngsters don’t identify with her any more.

    as we all know ‘nothing succeeds like success’ and we all know Aaja Nach Le’s fate.

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