Tata Sky: the worst thing you can buy. A nightmare incarnated.

December 5, 2007 at 6:45 am (fraud, garbage, nightmare, Tata Sky)

its been one of the most painful experiences i’ve ever had as a consumer.  i bought a Tata Sky equipment almost 5 days back and since then its been a high blood pressure exercise for me… after buying the tata sky box my parner must have called them some 20 times before he could get connected to their installation department… but this was just the beginning of the bad ordeal that awaited us… after us almost begging them to come and install the box, their engineer appeared and said that he needs to drill the dish on top of the building; i was a little surprised as i’d told the person who was talking to me on phone that its not possible to install the dish on building roof as it is not allowed and they will have to do it on the window ledge, which is pretty big. anyway so this engineer said that he will need a mount for the purpose, which will cost me rs.500, i said perfect no problem but i’d like to get a bill on that, to which he said “bill toh nahi milega, bill nahi hota” i felt that it is some thing fishy… so i told him to leave unless he decides to sell the mount with proper papers…

day passed, no one called from the Tata Sky side, next day my partner again called them and again it took some 20 min to get connected to some body who would take any action on the matter, before he spoke to some 5 people who had no idea of what is happening… finally they said that it will be done right away and gave us the time- in next two hours… but no one came, neither a phone call telling us that they will not come… we called again, they promised to come within two hours (i’m excluding the trouble in calling them just to avoid monotony), and guess what they didn’t come… finally fuming we call again and they said that probably the engineer was not free… we wasted our whole day doing this… then they called and promised us to take up the matter next day…

the following day i get a call from them early in the morning when i’m leaving for work that they would like to come right now i told them that they should come in the evening after 7, i was told ok; then through out the day i kept getting calls from them i repeated my self some 20 times that i work during the day and wont be able to make it before 7 so they should come after 7… finally i waited from 7 to 10 for them to come but they didn’t come… i was losing my head…

then comes the icing on the cake, last night they called again i was delighted but it was short lived; their person told me that their engineer had come and i had refused him rs.200 which he needed for cable, now as far as my education goes i know the difference between a cable and a mount and that rs.200 is different from 500 and the difference between bribe and genuine business transaction…

so so far no one has come and i hope to throw the Tata Sky thing in the garbage bin thats where it belongs. they are inefficient, fraud, callous

anyone who is planning to buy it pls  DO NOT…. they are cheats…



  1. gudus said,

    you HAVE TO get this on the forums…fuck TATA !..wait let me see how to get this piece out

  2. astralwicks said,

    it is no longer a century of trust…i am saying bye bye to TATA

  3. v said,

    @ gudus
    thanx… guess what they came and connected it yesterday.
    and the deal was that i buy a rs.500 recharge coupon… i didn’t argue b’coz i was just too tired of all this…
    but all said and done i definitely feel that they should be exposed…


  4. dogstail said,

    THis is what great companies do. Hire great guys to dream up big products, promos and then give the execution part to a bunch of jokers.

    Starting a new series on corporate bloopers and double standards. COMIN SOON at the BOLG you all love.

  5. ajay said,

    bad bad bad tatasky ,,tata company has started this new way to cheat people in the name of service ,,although quality is there but there only 2 music channels namely mtv and v .. wat abt music india,9xm music ,,zee music and other music channelsi m from punjab region and there are at leat 50 regional channels which are beyond my understanding so dont get fool by over 100 chanel package ..beware of this tata new worm ,, if tata has so much money than why cant they buy some gud channels ,,, the gud old cable was far better than this

  6. sabarish said,

    Tata sky is a big fraud.Problems started the day when people to install.People please don’t go for tata sky

  7. Kunal said,

    To read about the latest problems with TataSky do read my blog..
    Tata has been associated with cheating from a long time..
    I have stopped using their salt and have suggested many people not to buy the nano too even if it is offered for free.. The company sucks Big time 🙂

    Do send time on the forum too.. We run a forum that discusses pro’s and con’s of TataSky, Right now its full with hate against tatasky..
    Do support the baltigir cause against tataSky:

    When we recieve full support, They send balti’s to people involved, start a campaign to fight for us, the 2 million unhappy customers.


  8. Shashank said,

    I’m very disappointed with Tatasky price hike.. brain dead plans.. fucking addons, its better to switch to other one or hathway is damn cheaper in my area.. I’m just showing the finger to TATAFRY

  9. somasundaran said,

    If I had come accross this site earlier, I wouldn’t have become a victim of Tata Sky.
    I purchased their set top box and has been waiting for installation for the last 10 days, inspite of repeated assurances from their call centre office.
    Being one who is working in a organisation which carry the name of ‘TATA’,
    I feel very much disappointed with all those written in this page about tata group.

  10. SANJIV SOOD said,


    Complaint Lodged on 16th July 08 as Set Top Box was not functioning. Engineer visits on 17th & confitrms that it needs replacement on payment of Rs.600/- (within one & half year) which will be provided within a day.

    Same is NOT replaced till 23rd July evening at 6PM. Customer care does not care.. Customer care Operations Incharge Mr. KV Anand is approached at Bangalore – Not available.. No one has his mobile Number in the office at Bangalore.

    Contacted Mumbai Office :called up for CEO Mr Vikram Kaushik on the 23rd evening. His Secretary Mrs Mundkur refuses to connect me to him saying he is in a meeting..Does not even confirm when I can possibly speak to him.

    Can you imagine that the replacement of set top box has NOT been provided for 7 days..
    This is wahat usually happens if the Top Bosses like the CEO do not take customer calls..

    Such is the shameful state of affairs of Tata sky..

  11. kapil gupta said,

    Tata sky are big cheater , I bought 1+1 connection 3 month back . 1 is going well other is get down, I complaint on toll free, enginer come yesterday ,tune some software , and demands Rs 200 cash from my wife,when she said it in gaurantee, than engineer said sign in on this paper .
    now I know company deduct Rs 300.00 from a/c.
    this is fraud , cheating..

  12. Pranav said,

    i must be the latest victim of tata sky, i paid instantly by credit card on 14th for super hit package, after installation, they began demanding Rs1000 from my mother! for whom i had bought this thing and threatened disconnection 2 days after installation. when i enquired, they told me it was south jumbo package, when i said that i hadnt asked for that one they said they would rectify it. it was only then that i found out that i had been misinformed by the sales guy. the local “free” kannada channels were not included. besides they had also discontinued the services. so i asked them to cancel the whole deal, that they could deduct whatever installation charges etc they wanted. then i was informed that there is NO REFUND POLICY and that to get the kannada channels as well, i had to go for south jumbo package by paying Rs1200 (increased from previous 1000 because it costs Rs3.30 per day and the minimum denomination for recharge is 200). so I paid another 1200 by card. 24hrs later a female called anu apparently calls my mother instead of talking to me and rudely tells her that they cant change the package and so the 1200 i paid will be kept as credit for next year. dear Mr Ratan TATA if u r reading this, tell me how you would feel if i call your mother whereever she is and threaten her or abuse her? secondly if the package could not be changed why did u ask for the extra payment and now that the payment is made why dont you keep your promise. even if you say 3 changes are allowed i still have one more change remaining! and what is this no refund policy? besides these i was also promised life style gold and some active education package free for first 4 months if i paid by credit card which has still not been activated for which there was no controversy.
    dear friends i have learnt it the hard way, these people are cheats, DO NOT TRUST TATA SKY. if anybody can then please let me know whether consumer court can help and whether legal action can be taken. also how their license can be cancelled. shame on Amir khan for promoting cheats.

  13. myexpression said,

    dear pranav

    of course you can go to consumer court but what we need to do as ppl is that we boycott these tarshy ppl; they are useless and dont mourn about amir he is just a product of the market; he sold coke too; when farmers were losing very essential ground water; we are a sold country; it does not exist; there are no country for that matter; all that matters is dollors; look at any war around you… american wars… we need to make a new world…

  14. Pranav said,

    after all the turmoil and mental agony, seems like some good sense has prevailed, the connection and jumbo package were restored on saturday.. the no refund policy should still be unacceptable. u bet sky tv doesnt get ‘no refund policy’ anywhere else in the world. in fact they never actually sell the settop box and the dish, and when one cancels a connection one is supposed to return the settop box with cables. the indian consumer too should have a right to reject, i guess.

  15. kunal said,

    Hi, I just got tata sky few days back. I was promised activation with in 4 hours. but it took more than 24 hours. I tried to call the number by which I have booked the connection but in vain. I think higher authorities are not knowing it. Probably they are not close to the ground reality. You must write a mail to nodaloffier_____(state name)@tatasky.com Let the authorities know about it. We will do something about it.

    Jai Hind.

  16. antriksh said,

    TATA sky sucks… horrible technical support. i have already thrown tatasky in the dustbin of tata sky office at mira road mumbai….. baat karne ka bhi tameez nahi hai…. just god forbid… maan karta hai ki… anyways my cable wala is effficient than tata… ratan tata take care nahi toh tumhare log tumhe dubane wale hai..

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