MEN; never change

November 22, 2007 at 12:33 pm (change, chose, men)

there are few things about men which never change… i’ve seen them in my father, brother and now i’m seeing them in my partner… (pls don’t read it as complaint)

the list is long, i’ll start with the basic “food” that is kitchen…

(before all that lets talk of their politics; they all claim that they are champions of division of labour & equality)

but they will wait for eternity to take initiative to clean the dirty vessels… and even if they do it some times they will just touch the easy ones… less effort ones and say “oh! i did not do the pan b’coz it needs to soak more”( maybe for years to come)…   i dont want to mention the wonderful habits related to kitchen (which are very good for economy, though a little bad for ecology) like not closing the lid of oil container, flour box, digging into pickles with wet spoon, not closing the fridge door properly etc…

lets move to other regions of the house; they think that all the house is their playground… so they can throw their shoes, shirts, wet towels anywhere and trust me i think its very important for them to do that… i think its due to the primal male habit of leaving their mark everywhere since they are civilized now, they can’t do it like a dog does… so…

finally comes the bathroom… its criminal for them to mop bathrooms ever after a bath… and i’ve never seen any of them clean one… pls let me know if the cleaning species exists…

well it might look that i’m bitching or i hate these men…well no… i love them truly… they are like kids who are innocent, they don’t know a thing… they believe in fairies who come and do everything when they blink their eyes…



  1. astralwicks said,

    no doubt you hate the other species
    but you are perfect so…congratulations

  2. gudus said,

    heh heh nice post. but atleast I try!

  3. v said,

    @ astralwicks

    well i’m not claiming that i’m perfect… no one is… no one can be and those who are should be put in a museum… pls write about what your impression about women is, that includes your mom, sister, lover or friend… i guess it will be gr8 fun to see things from other side… and let me finally add that i do not hate the other species…

    thanx….good it all lies in the honest effort…

  4. astralwicks said,

    my impression doesn’t matter. there are stereotypes everywhere. i don’t spend time analysing them. personally i think its a waste of time. a person can be good now, bad later and indifferent much later. my opnion and thereby behaviour is a hindrance to my response to that person which emanates from my impression, which has its origins in the past. you either look at everything with new eyes or otherwise eveything is old.

    the statement that ‘we are conditioned’ cannot be used as an argument because it is sheer convenience. it is easy to see archetypes and react. who has the time to delve deep, skin the surface and get to the root. very few. i see the other as first as ‘other’; then as a hindu, male, female, indian, lower caste, upper, rich, poor etc etc. makes things easy.

    these evaluations only serve to re-inforce age – old pre-conceived stereotypes that divide us on the basis of our opinion. and as neitschze said ‘opinions are stronger than truth’

    who has time for the truth. and truth itself is constantly evolving. but opnions???

  5. v said,

    opinions also change and evolve…

  6. dogstail said,

    You can keep on analysing and will never come to a conclusion. The fight has been going on since the first ape woman cleaned after the mess of yesterdays hunt.

    Since then we have come a long way and are fighting it out on the netsphere.

    Basically males and females are completely different. Its the exigencies of reproduction that brings them together. If the exigencies indicate long infant care then they are forced to cooperate even after the actual reproduction.

    Since this has a potential to become a big thesis I should not go any further. Good piece though.

  7. Shivani said,

    could’t have been more right………………………………..

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