Ode to the dangerous man

September 25, 2007 at 6:26 am (dangerous, enemy, gladiator, god, misbah)

he is called Misbah-Ul-Haq… saw him play last night… he almost gave heart attack to one billion countrymen of mine… traditionally i should not be appreciating him… he is from enemy country as they say… but he was there, in that moment which almost made him God… he was like a gladiator who fights till the last drop of blood… his missing did not make him a loser… i think he won it, with his sheer calm, control and focus… he was like a shark….

ode to him who played like this is the last match of his life… who played as if there is no tomorrow…. ode to the grit, the spirit, the sports man….

he was simply “too good”



  1. v said,

    yeah nice thought…

    traditional has mostly come in the way of progress…

    life is about acceptance and not hatred like we are traditionally accustomed to believe…

    and most important is to appreciate the goodness in each one of us and our adversaries…

    now then…

    lets hope this inculcates into the life blood of entire Asia…

    and we will have a peaceful world!

    I for one am inspired to begin with…


    Till later,


  2. astralwicks said,

    ya he is a good player cheers to that and so is imraan nazir and so was gambhir in the morning pathan while bowling uthapa for the run out bajji for making us wince at the fag end and sreesanth for holding onto two important catches. thanks misbah.

  3. myexpression said,


  4. gudus said,

    misbah ka chutzpah

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