fish 2

September 21, 2007 at 12:15 pm (Blogroll)

finally fish was delivered to my friend who was eagerly waiting for her arrival… fish had to see a vet before that… it was her first exposure to the noisy world which turned more noisy on the occasion of ganpati viserjan, ever since we abducted her…

how to carry her out posed a huge question before us… so a bag out of a namawali was designed to fit this ball of fur… it was strange to carry her on my shoulder… she was jumping and meowing all through the way…

all animals hate vets… this was her first visit to one but she hated the vet and the ambiance there… started with protesting, graduated to becoming violent finally she got tired and gave up…

she was nicely perched on my shoulder when we went to my friend’s house… its a fairly big house… fish was a little scared and yet excited to explore a new place… she went into a long hiding session after she was left… my friend’s husband who was not very keen on a cat has been smelling cat shit in the house since then…

but all said and done i felt lonely and empty on reaching home… i wanted to hear fish cry for food and disrupt my sleep and sleep on my chest with her snout buried in me…

i’ve decided to get myself a dog maybe a smaller breed considering space constrains of this city… i’ve thought of name “elephant”..



  1. RSK said,

    like i just told you…

    dont know what to write…

    but maybe that is the reaction i think is apt for this major turning point of your life…

    i dont understand children like a woman would so wont ever understand the gravity of it but i can see that it affects you considerably…so feel for you…

    i guess elephant is answer to your immediate pathos…

    go for it and find the dog near the fish market!!!


    p.s. elephant is waiting for u under a hawker’s stall in the rain next to the fish market…

    go for it!!

    till later,

    RSk(also famously known as GOD!)

    he bhagwan!!!

  2. astralwicks said,

    ye bhagwan kahaan se aa gaya. haven’t we moved beyond god? god existed years ago but nowadays…we need to change our understanding of this god thing…and why is god an ideal…i have not met or seen or spoken to him/her.

    it is only to ‘something’ that one gets attracted to. this complex organism composed of animate, inanimate, tangible and evanescent. what is this something or ‘suchness’ nobody knows. even i don’t.should it be prayed to? i don’t know. but cats, dogs and elephants. power to them. i am only seemingly evolved. what say you?

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