September 13, 2007 at 8:32 am (Blogroll)

there are few things which you don’t want to hear ever… they melt into your ears like molten lead…

“i can’t deal with this. i’ve seen enough of it” ….

i was sad when i heard it, the second time in less than a month….

there are ghosts in the past who keep chasing… they never die… they live as long as the body and mind lives….

i can’t say anything…. at times the tiniest of things crack your heart… it explodes of pain…. there are reasons physical, chemical, environmental, psychological, spiritual and emotional or perhaps the lighting was wrong… the reasons may or may not converge into you; they can cross you tangentially but you are there in the picture…

everything is not literal……

read without words, hear without speech……

only deal with it if it is WORTH it….


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