moths; purpose of living

September 12, 2007 at 7:23 am (Blogroll)

day before yesterday there was a flood of moths in our office… they were every where; pouring in from every slit and opening in the wall, roof…

blinded by love for light they were all over; on computer screens, light bulbs, lamps….

then the house keeping decided that they have had enough of moth dance, so they switched off all the lights and and switched on the insect flash; all of them rushed towards death, as this moment is & was the only purpose of living….

in seconds the whole expanse got covered by these martyrs of love… they had lived the purpose… to fuse into fire and die.. purpose of life and love was accomplished….

they rested in peace and were broomed off…



  1. astralwicks said,

    the middle the beginning the end
    we know none
    we think we do
    but do we think?

    shakespeare wrote this about us humans
    what are we but flies
    the god’s kill us for their sport

  2. rskew said,

    lol…for the post and the comment above…

    i dont kill anyone for my sport…excuse me if that is what you guys down there think!!

    till later…


  3. myexpression said,

    are you confused about your identity RSK 🙂

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