September 10, 2007 at 10:40 am (Uncategorized)

yesterday i got a kitten rather abducted it from fish market… a green eyed beauty… a friend wanted a pet cat for sometime so i’d enough motivation to commit the crime… i’ve done these kind of crimes before also… nth times… but that not the reason i’m writing….

i got the kitten… a friend named her Fish…

she slept like a log after i gave her bath… towards the morning i found her sleeping outside my womb… happy and warm… almost smiling or maybe i was imagining…in any case i cant see much without my glasses… but my soul saw it smiling in sleep, then it opened its eyes to see me and went back to sleep… i dont know when it moved out of my womb and started playing around… years back i lost a child… something had happened then… there has always been a desire to have a child… maybe its just a chemical combination in the body…. strange i’m still mourning….

i want to scream and cry…. expel the cyst from my soul….

pray for me……



  1. astralwicks said,

    the cat the fish the fish that the cat eats and the fishes that we eat and the things that we care for and the things that we kill…who knows but we try and try to live by…these lingering doubts and denials…who can answer?

    come together. right now.

  2. myexpression said,

    life is a cycle i know, we all know, still pain does not leave….
    nothing can justify anything…. nothing can replace anything… what is lost leaves a scar on the soul…. there is no cure for it…. beautiful words can not help or heal, they just make existence frivolous… they mock…they laugh… our own intellect laughs and says you can’t cure anything….

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