Love, Drugs & Madness

September 7, 2007 at 12:34 pm (Uncategorized)

as long as my memory takes me into history i’ve seen the three together hand in hand… the trio in union… maybe they are one….
what follows is an ode to a woman who has been waiting for a man called “Anurag” meaning love in some ways; funny i feel… she has been  waiting since last couple of years becoming mad and madder in love…. he is missing from her world as if he was never born….

he is walking some part of the earth, making art but my friend does not know about his whereabouts; only a select few know…. and they have chosen not to tell her anything as they think her madness has gone beyond the accepted norms….

“J” you are a brave woman to love someone like this…. but is it an escape… has it become an escape for you?

i know of a man who was my husband… i’d loved him like mad…. now i’m not with him and he has also become mad or has chosen to become mad…

there is a method in our madness; in all of us…

i’m again in love and getting scared of becoming mad but will love happen without madness… i doubt… its the eternal drug… the most potent of all…. the one which has and will go on destroying and creating in one action….

lets live and die…. all for love… in the name of love……



  1. srikant malladi said,

    what is it if not madness?
    as catherine says ‘I am heathcliff’
    lovesick sick of love
    it makes us what we are not
    no…its not that
    we become what we are
    bliss and bless

  2. myexpression said,


  3. rskew said,

    hey V,

    seems like a lot of suffering happening around us…

    i like the thought about choosing to become mad…

    yeah its such a temptation at times… but it ain’t no solution for anything…

    anything that degenerates oneself to the world of hell cant be the right choice…

    life is such…people come and go…times change and so do our friends and loved ones…we are living in the world of conflict… i can understand this as well as any other…

    how a stroke of fate can change lives forever…all those promises to live together forever and forever…all those moments that remind us of the good times …and yet a few bad moments are in the end heavier in the weighing scale…enough to destroy the good in one spectacular stroke…leaving behind wounded hearts and little hope…

    its the moment to rebuild and resurrect… to stand up from the ashes and work for a bigger dream…a dream as big as the ocean…so big that it cant be stained by these poisonous droplets of heart breaks…

    i have that mission in life and thats why i can still breath…and walk and soon will run again…

    wish all the same for all you folks who have been unsuccessful in love…life must go on…lets find a way for ourselves and not give in…

    we will fight we win win Sensei we will win!!

    Till later,


  4. myexpression said,

    motivating 🙂

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