September 4, 2007 at 8:42 am (Uncategorized)

i’d met her years ago at a rehearsal in delhi… met her again in mumbai… we are friends now… gr8 friends… she is an actor… who is not getting to do what she wants to do, so these days she is contemplating to work in a BPO and earn…

what do i feel for her…

obviously sad… not b’coz she is my friend… i feel sorry for all those actors who come to mumbai thinking that they have what it takes be an actor… i’m not talking about people who are driven to the city by the enchanting paraphernalia of bollywood… i’m talking of people who take acting seriously and have devoted considerable part of their lives in learning the craft… so they come to mumbai and they realize that no one wants them b’coz there is always someone who is a favorite of the channel or the producer or the casting director… it seems that the whole city is running on favours…



  1. astral said,

    curry favours give and take a little bit of that and a bit of that the long rope and sometimes…all for the sake of a dream

  2. myexpression said,

    tired of soul selling… its an incestuous world…. i’m bored….

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